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Intake Procedures


Diagnostic & Evaluation Center Intake Procedures

  • Preferred hours for receiving new commitments are during normal business hours from 7:30 a.m. through 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Commitments may be made outside of these hours with prior approval of the receiving facility.
  • We request that you call or fax the name(s), date(s) of birth, and approximate time of arrival at least 24 hours in advance of bringing in new commitments. For male admissions, call the Diagnostic & Evaluation Center Admissions Office at (402) 471-3330 or by fax at (402) 479-6368. Contact the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women for female admissions at (402) 362-3317 ext 218 or 215 or by fax at (402) 362-3892.
  • Commitment Orders must accompany each new commitment.
  • Commitment Orders should contain the date the sentence was imposed and/or is to commence; the specific offense(s); class of felony or misdemeanor for the offense(s) convicted; length of sentence(s) imposed; amount of jail time credit, if any; and if the sentence is to be consecutive or concurrent to any other charges or commitment orders. If the offense is drug related, the type of drug should also be noted.
  • If a Pre-sentence Investigation was completed, a copy should accompany the new commitment.
  • Any medical/mental health information available should be provided to the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services at the time of admission including medical and mental health history, present treatment, and current medication.
  • At the time of admission, inmates will be permitted to retain the following items.
    • One watch
    • One wedding band or ring
    • One commercial religious medallion (no homemade or hobby-made items are permitted)
    • One Bible/Qur'an or other book of sacred writings
    • Photographs (no nude photos, altered photos, or photos with foreign materials or objects attached; no gang-related photos; photos of criminal activity or photos of other inmates). Limit of 25 photographs per inmate.
    • Letters (postmarked less than one week prior to the date of admission to the Department)
    • Personal papers (legal papers, addresses, etc.)
    • Prescribed medications will be accepted and sent to our Health Services Department for evaluation and reissue if appropriate.
    • Prescription eye glasses and glasses case, if applicable.
    • Inmates who arrive wearing prosthesis and possess personal property related to the care and function for the prosthesis may retain them in their possession. Knee braces, back braces, etc., not being worn by the inmate shall be retained by Admissions and sent to Health Services for their evaluation of need. If Health Services determines that the inmate does not need the prosthesis, the inmate will be required to send it out.
    • Inmates who, at admission, have items they claim are necessary for the practice of their religion will have these items stored until received by the Religious Coordinator and Assistant Warden. The Warden will approve or disapprove their inclusion in the inmate's property.
    • Money brought in by an inmate will be receipted and placed in the inmate's institutional account.
    • Items not on this approved list will not be accepted or allowed in the institution. Counties should make every effort to dispose of materials not allowed prior to bringing the inmate.


Nebraska Correctional Center for Women Intake Procedures

As provided by State Statute, all females sentenced by County or District Courts of the State of Nebraska are received into the system at the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women. In addition, the institution houses ninety-day evaluators sentenced by the courts for assessment, county safe keepers, interstate transfers, returned parolees and escapees.


Nebraska Correctional Youth Facility Intake Procedures

As provided in State Statute 83-905, the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) has oversight and control of the Nebraska Correctional Youth Facility (NCYF). NCYF is a physically secure facility designed to provide confinement, education, and treatment for youthful offenders (males, age 18 and under) who have been committed to the NDCS. All male offenders sentenced by the District Courts of the State of Nebraska are received at the Diagnostic and Evaluation Center (DEC) in Lincoln. At DEC their commitment order is verified. They are assigned an inmate number, photographed, and fingerprinted and provide a DNA sample, if required. Any personal property that can’t be taken to NCYF is either mailed out, at the inmate’s expense, or destroyed. All DEC intake procedures apply upon arrival. After completion of the above, youthful offenders are immediately transferred to NCYF. Upon arrival at NCYF the youthful offender completes additional in-processing documents, receives an initial medical screening, assigned a room, receives his clothing and bedding, and any personal property brought with him is inventoried. He is then assigned to orientation for approximately 30 days. While in orientation youthful offenders receive briefings from each department to actuate them to prison life. After orientation they are placed in general population.