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Community Corrections Center - Lincoln General Information

Community inmates participate in the initial step for providing a graduated release through a systematic decrease in supervision and a corresponding increase in responsibility. Inmates nearing release on parole or discharge from sentence are eligible through the classification system to be promoted to community custody status.

Inmates on Community A are assigned to a detail within the facility or on a park or roads crew or other work assignment in the community. Community A inmates are furnished work clothes, room and board, and a daily wage.

Community B inmates participate on the work and/or educational release programs. Inmates on work release are employed in the community, receive competitive wages and pay applicable taxes. Inmates on educational release attend local vocational/technical/business/community colleges and universities. Community B inmates are responsible for his/her own clothing and personal items and pay room and board of $12 per day.


Diagnostic & Evaluation Center Frequent Questions

May inmates make or receive telephone calls?

Inmates may not receive “incoming” telephone calls. All calls made by inmates must be “outgoing.” The facility has a computerized “Inmate Calling System” that allows each inmate to select up to 20 telephone numbers that are approved for his telephone list, including cellular phone numbers. He may make collect or debit calls to these approved numbers. Inmates are allowed up to 15 minutes of telephone time per day. All personal calls are monitored and recorded for security reasons. There are restrictions on the type of numbers that may be called. Three way and conferencing calls are not permitted. Inmates may not call staff, volunteers or other correctional facilities.

Legal calls to courts and attorneys are not monitored or recorded. If friends or family members are having trouble receiving calls from the facility they may contact GTL at 1-866-230-7761, or their local telephone company.

May money be sent to inmates?

Inmates may receive checks or money orders from family and friends as long as the person sending the money is not a parolee, NDCS volunteer, a family member of another inmate or on another inmate’s visiting list. All personal checks received are frozen for 21 calendar days before the inmate has access to the funds. Money orders are available to the inmate generally within three working days from the date it is received at the facility. Inmates may also receive funds electronically through Access Corrections. Family members and friends who meet the same requirements for checks and money orders may visit

A personal check or money order should be made payable to the inmate using his full committed name and inmate institutional number. All checks and money orders must contain the sender’s full name (no abbreviations) and complete address (street, city, state, and zip code). The name and address of the sender on the money order/check must match the name and address on the envelope. Signatures on money orders/checks must be legible. Checks or money orders that do not meet the above requirements will be placed on the inmate’s confiscated account. Cash is not allowed and all funds must be sent to an inmate by mail.

May inmates receive mail?

Inmates may receive in the US Mail cards, letters, pictures (no Polaroids, nonviolent, no nudity, no criminal/gang activity depictions), money orders and checks. Personal property, cash, blank stationary, envelopes, stamps and jewelry are items that are not allowed through the mail. Inmates may receive books if they are sent directly to the inmate from a publisher or bookstore with a paid receipt. They may also receive religious books and publications from churches or religious entities.

Inmate mail, including checks and money orders, should include the inmate’s first and last name and institutional number on the envelope and mailed to P.O. Box 22800, Lincoln, NE 68542.

The following items are considered contraband and are NOT permitted: tape or stickers included in the mail or affixed to the letter or envelope, perfume sprayed on the letter or envelope, lipstick on any part of the mail, laminated items, musical or audible greeting cards.


    • The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services intake facilities may serve as holding facilities for county prisoners at the expense of the respective county.
    • Preferred hours for receiving Safekeepers are from 7:30 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. unless prior approval has been received.
    • Prior to transporting a Safekeeper, during normal business hours, contact the Records Office at the Diagnostic and Evaluation Center (males) at (402) 479-6341 or Nebraska Correctional Center for Women (females) at (402) 362-3317 Ext 218 or 215. In case of emergency when a Safekeeper needs to be transferred after preferred receiving hours or on the weekends, contact the shift supervisor at the respective institutions by using the switchboard numbers, (402) 471-3330 for the Diagnostic and Evaluation Center or (402) 362-3317 Ext 215 for the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women.
    • Other Counties wishing to take custody of a Safekeeper will need to have the controlling County fax a written authorization (for males) to the Diagnostic and Evaluation Center Records Office - fax number (402) 479-6368. For females, the request should be directed to the Records Office at the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women - fax number (402) 362-3892.
    • Safekeepers are allowed to have only the clothing they are wearing at the time of admission. There is no property storage for Safekeepers. Any exceptions must be approved by the receiving institution.


    • Inmates brought in for a court-ordered evaluation must be accompanied by a Commitment Order. If the inmate is subsequently sentenced to serve a sentence in the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services, the sentence will begin on the date he or she was committed to the Department for the court-ordered evaluation.
    • The same property guidelines are followed for 90-Day Evaluators as for new commitments; however, there is no property storage for 90-day evaluators.


    • If an inmate who has absconded parole supervision or has escaped from a correctional facility is taken into custody, contact the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services Special Services Unit via teletype at NDCS or NB055025G or by telephone during normal business hours at (402) 479-5785 or by fax at (402) 742-2334. That Unit will coordinate the pick-up and transportation of the inmate back to a secure facility.


    • Counties wishing to assume custody of committed inmates for the purpose of Court appearances should contact the Special Services Unit at (402) 479-5785 or fax the request to that Unit at (402) 742-2334. A copy of the Court Order for transporting the inmate should be included with your faxed request.
    • Counties wishing to transport Safekeepers whom they have placed in the custody of the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services should contact the appropriate Facility Records Office: the Diagnostic & Evaluation Center for males at (402) 479-6341 or the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women for females at (402) 362-3317 Ext 218 or 215.


    • An inmate who is returning from a court appearance and has received an additional sentence or sentences must be returned with a copy of the new sentencing order.


    • Jurisdictions wishing to place Detainers or Holds on inmates currently serving a sentence with the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services need to contact the Special Services Unit at (402) 479-5785 or fax (402) 742-2334.