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  • Donations of cash or materials to the Department may be accepted by the Warden/Program Administrator, if under $500. Donations $500 up to and including $10,000 require acceptance by the Director. Donations over $10,000 or real property require acceptance by the Governor and must be coordinated through the Controller's office. A Donation Authorization must be completed by the DCS Business Manager for all donations and approval obtained prior to acceptance. Donations shall be recorded in an appropriate trust fund business unit unless otherwise directed by the Controller.
  • Donations to clubs or recognized religious faith groups may be accepted as long as they do not violate Department policy and shall be placed in the appropriate club or religious faith group account in a trust fund. Donations derived from any source will be treated as official state funds and managed accordingly. Donations of any amount to a club or recognized religious faith group will be coordinated with the Warden and Controller.


For more information contact:

Patrick Trinh, Financial Accounting Supervisor
Central Office Accounting
Phone: (402) 479-5715