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Accounting Overview

The Accounting Division has responsibility for all financial and inmate accounting functions for the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services. Additionally, the Accounting Division is responsible for establishing uniform accounting practices and procedures within the Department of Correctional Services consistent with state policy and practice, as well as generally accepted accounting principles. The Accounting Division is responsible for providing fiscal support to all programs and facilities within the Department and has the oversight for internal controls.

Financial Accounting functions include both accounts payable and accounts receivable. This includes payments for all goods and services received by the Department regardless of funding source, including verification that all payments are appropriate through the pre-audit process. Accounts Receivable covers all billings both internal and external to state government, including Cornhusker State Industries, Federal Surplus Property, and county safe keepers.

Inmate Accounting provides for a system of accounting for all inmate funds through the Inmate Trust Fund and ledgers maintained in the Correctional Information and Tracking system. The functions include processing transactions related to the various accounts held on behalf of inmates, processing inmate payroll, and reporting financial information to inmates, courts, and other authorized entities.

The Accounting Division is also responsible for all fiscal reporting on grants and preparing various financial statements, including canteens, Cornhusker State Industries and Federal Surplus Property. Other areas of responsibility include internal fiscal audits, coordinating external financial audits, and coordinating payroll reconciliation and verification.


Invoices and Statements

Invoices for payments and statements must be submitted to the agency with sufficient detail to support payment. Submit invoices and statements either through the U. S. Postal Service or via e-mail; please do not submit the same invoice through both methods.


For more information contact:

NE Department of Correctional Services
Accounts Payable
P.O. Box 94661
Lincoln, NE 68509-4661